About Us

Not all recruitment companies are created equal – let us explain why we are a cut above

Talent Room is a small – but perfectly pitched – company renowned for delivering a professional, discreet recruitment and advisory service for all sorts of clients; big and small, new and established … all in search of a fresh perspective.

Since we set down our roots in 2005, we have quickly established a formidable reputation. Our common-sense approach has earned us a compelling track record for recruiting permanent staff at all levels and across all disciplines within the engineering and technical sectors.

For each and every assignment our approach is bespoke; we spend time learning what’s unique about a business, a product, a service, or even a place, and then match that uniqueness with the right candidate.

We are selective in the projects we undertake to ensure we provide the excellent service our clients expect.

A bit about me: Jane Dove

I have been extremely fortunate to work with so many talented and experienced individuals during my years in recruitment. My career started in 1989 when I worked as a consultant for a few years, before joining a national recruitment company specialising in the technical and engineering sectors. This is where I had my first taste of this dynamic and intricate industry; not a day goes by when the pace of progress driven by these specialised organisations and institutions doesn’t inspire me. And that is why I set up Talent Room in 2005.

Those who know me well would tell you that I have an enquiring mind. Whilst this drove ‘grown-ups’ mad when I was a child it has actually served me rather well in my professional life. Ever curious about human behaviour, I recently gained a Master of Research in Psychology, and I am now taking this to the next stage – my PhD. My specialism is ‘maths anxiety’, buy me a coffee sometime and I will gladly explain how an understanding of this area of psychology has such wide implications for all areas of business. I’m hoping to share some insightful articles soon, so watch this space for links.

When I’m not working or studying you will find me making the most of the great outdoors – in the rather delightful company of my horse, Maggie May. I have been riding almost as long as I have been asking questions and there is nothing quite like a bracing gallop – or a ruminative plod – to clear the cobwebs and think new thoughts. I’m also keen on horse-power of the four-wheeled kind; during the summer months I can be found supporting my partner, Mark, as he races down the quarter-mile track at Santa Pod Raceway competing in UK and European Drag Racing competitions.